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Why Marrymemindfully?

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Well you don't want to marry someone mindlessly, now do you?! Weddings are stressful, both the lead up to it and the actual day. There is pressure, both from ourselves and from the people around us. Simple requests about bringing children, bringing a plus 1 can be difficult, vendors becoming ill, restrictions changing, the item/venue/singer/band you had your heart set on is not available... the list goes on.

My advice to you is to begin a Mindfulness practice, as soon as you get engaged, if not sooner. There is now good research to show that Mindfulness can lower stress, decrease anxiety and lead to better, more compassionate relationships with our selves and others. Mindfulness isn't difficult, if you can breathe, you can do it. Often the difficulty lies in REMEMBERING to do it. If you would like to take a Mindfulness course, please get in touch, or if you would like an audio of a practice I made especially for engaged couples, I'd be happy to send it to you. In the meanwhile, here is a simple practice you can do yourself.

Meditation practice for stressful wedding preparation:

Just stop what you are doing. Notice how busy your mind is, shift your attention to your body. Really notice your feet on the floor, push them in a little deeper, til you feel well supported. Become aware of your breathing, no need to change it in any way, just notice the breath coming into, and leaving your body. Why do we come to the breath? Because the breath is always in this present moment - and this present moment is the only moment you can do anything about! Just keep focusing on the breath for a few moments ( or longer if you have the time). Say to yourself; " I am marrying my best friend, that is what matters." Honestly no one will remember the colour of the napkins, or the the fact that the band were a little dodgy, they will remember the sense of love and connection at your wedding. So once your partner is your first choice, the rest doesn't matter. When you feel steady, go back to whatever was stressing you and deal with it from this perspective. Remember stress is inevitable, a short Mindfulness practice just helps you to manage it, and who doesn't want a low stress wedding ( or life) ??

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