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Choosing your ceremony enhancements!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Typically couples choose two;

One symbolizing their union and one to include family and guests, but feel free to choose whatever suits you.

Ring warming

Guests are invited to “ warm the rings” be holding them and adding their wishes for the couple to the rings. You can also invite parents/grandparents/godparents to warm the rings.

This works best at a small wedding

Sand ceremony

A lovely way to symbolise the joining together of two lives/two families. Sand is poured from individual containers into a larger container, as we note that once the sand has mingled it cannot be separated. Nice to use sand from beaches with special meaning, or coloured sand. Works well if the couple have children too.

children too.

Unity Candle ceremony

With 3 candles on the table, the couple invite 2 significant people to come up and light the outer candles, we talk about the light of the candles and what the bride and groom have learned about love and commitment from their families. Then the couple light the middle candle, signifying that they are still 2 individuals, but their lives are now joined. If you are having an outdoor wedding, I think lanterns like this work really well.

Hand fasting

An old Celtic tradition, this is where the phrase “ tying the knot” comes from. The couples hands are bound together with a cord or ribbon and we talk about their hands, hearts and lives now being joined together. Makes for a lovely photo, and couples choose colours that have meaning for them – sometimes county colours! Here's one I did at an outdoor ceremony and we used the bride's late mother's scarf, which was a lovely way to include her on the day

Oathing ceremony

This is a lovely Scottish tradition: the phrase " setting something in stone" is derived from it. The couple select a stone, maybe engrave it, and hold it as they make their vows. It is believed that in holding the stone, the marriage is then " set in stone". Some couples keep the stone, some choose to place it somewhere, there are lots of options.

Wine box ceremony

Couples choose a favourite bottle of wine in a box, and both write a letter to the other, which is placed in the box, to be opened on their wedding anniversary, and remember again why they got married! I'm not including a photo, I'm guessing you know what a wine box looks like :-)

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