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Child of Prague... are you a believer?

Given a choice, most of us would prefer good weather on our wedding day, hello we live in Ireland?

But what if there was a way to guarantee sunshine on your wedding day? Yep, if you put the Child of Prague in the garden before your wedding, you'll be blessed with glorious sunshine for your big day.

Where did this idea come from, I hear you ask?

Well, the first Child of Prague statue was given as a wedding present to a woman named María Manriquez. She received the statue of the infant Jesus from her mother when she married Czech nobleman Vratislav of Pernstyn in 1556. History has nor recorded what the weather was like on her wedding day, but the statue became popular and was replicated widely. The original statue is now on display in a church in Prague, where it's said to have performed miracles. At some point, (I'm guessing here) someone accidently left their statue out over night, and there was great weather for a family wedding the next day. Confusing coincidence with cause and effect, we were off with a new tradition. If you have been involved in a wedding in Ireland, I bet someone has brought up this meteorological promise. If you want to give it a go, well, it's a little tricky. Some folks believe the statue must be placed under a bush, others will say it must be beheaded, and I've also heard a variation that, for the statue to work, the head must come off without human interference. It definitely must be given as a gift to work. If you're looking one to give a bride and groom check your local ecclesiastical shop or find one on line. If you're getting married, I hope the sun shines on your marriage, whether it shines on your wedding day is a bit of a lottery. Just remember, that knots tied in the rain are the toughest to untie.. and to be sure to be sure, don't forget to put the Child of Prague out :-)

Ah sure go on, give it a go, what have you got to lose?

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